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To whomever is considering to visit Dr. Mashihi,


      Dr. Mashihi has restored my faith in dentistry, and has gained a lifelong loyal patient. He is extremely intelligent, knowledgable, and empathetic to the dental needs of an individual. He has done excellent work that I never even thought was possible, due to my negative experiences with other dentists. Refreshingly, Dr. Mashihi takes his practice and profession very seriously, and is aware of how much an individuals life can be positively altered by quality dental work. He has exceeded my expectations and has altered my life, my smile, my confidence, and my self-esteem with the wonderful work that he has done. I am not afraid to smile anymore, and now look for reasons to smile more often. I can never thank him enough, and am truly grateful to have had the privilege to be his patient, continue to be his patient,  and especially to finally have a dentist that I can call my own.


To Dr. Mashihi, and his staff,


      Thank you Dr. Mashihi!!! You’ve have really made my life a better and brighter place because of the smile that you have given me!!! Words truly are not enough to express my gratitude, and appreciation. I must also acknowledge and extend a special thanks to your incredible, highly skillful and friendly staff, that immediately makes one feel at ease and at home. The combination of your great staff, and your expertise truly proves to be a winning combination for anyone who visits your office.




Ahmet Kargi